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DBU Database Utility ⁄ File Editor

IBM iSeries (AS400) file editor with remote data access

All data within your network is accessible!

DBU, the "original" DB2 database utility / file editor has moved above & beyond its legacy! Now access IBM iSeries (AS/400) data AND any data on any platform through the same interface! Just type the command DBU on a command line with the library/file name and immediately, your file appears ready to be viewed or updated. It's as easy as that! With over 20,000 installs of DBU database utility in 31 countries, it is the leading database file editor on the market. It just keeps getting better and better.

Download DBU today! 

Features / Plug-ins
File Editor With Power
  • Add, change, delete and display records in any file
  • Search & replace/delete using multiple search arguments
  • Instant access to data base relations allowing selection
  • Data exports to comma-delimited files and xml configs
  • Print database layouts from remote systems
  • Display of database triggers on physical files
  • Allows more complex searches with SQL facility
  • Duplicate records quickly
  • Create applications to access remote data
  • Transfer data between remote system and IBM iSeries (AS/400)
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